Losing at Trial: $100,000 Payable by Plaintiffs to Defendant

At Trial, anything can happen. That includes losing your lawsuit. In this case, losing at Trial means that the husband/wife Plaintiffs are required to pay $100,000 to the Defendant: McNamee v. Oickle, 2020 ONSC 5078 (CanLII). My Canlii commentary on this Costs
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Loss Claims: Business Interruption Insurance and Covid-19

There are a number of class actions already started, In Canada and elsewhere, for denial by insurers of Covid-19 claims for business interruption insurance loss. Newly issued, the Central Bank of Ireland issued a document, “Covid-19 and Business Interruption Insurance – Supervisory
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Toronto Photo-Radar Program

From today’s Toronto Star about the City’s new photo-radar program: Toronto’s newphoto-radar program nabbed more than 22,000 speeders in its first month of operation, with thousands of repeat offenders netting more than one ticket. This is the City’s website, “Automated Speed Enforcement”,
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Aggressive Summary Judgment Motion to Deny Coverage to Hit-and-Run Insured

My recent Canlii.org commentary on the Ontario Superior Court of Justice case of Lamb v. Co-operators General Insurance Co., 2020 ONSC 4955 (CanLII), entitled: No Hit-and-Run Insurance for You…Failing to Photograph the Car Who Hit You!