The Ontario government has just explained its filing civil documents online program, through their new and improved portal. This follows their exciting announcement last week:

Paper to my left, paper to my right, too much paper…



4.05.1 (1) In this rule,

“Civil Claims Online Portal” means the software authorized by the Ministry of the Attorney General for the purposes of this rule and that is available on the internet under the name “Civil Claims Online Portal” in English and “Portail en ligne pour les actions civiles” in French. O. Reg. 584/17, s. 3 (1).

Documents That May be Filed Through Portal

(2) Subject to subrule (3), the following documents may be filed electronically through the Civil Claims Online Portal:

1.  A statement of claim (Form 14A, 14B or 14D).

2.  A notice of action (Form 14C).

2.1  A statement of defence (Form 18A), including one that includes a counterclaim against parties to the main action only (Form 27A) or a crossclaim (Form 28A).

2.2  A notice of intent to defend (Form 18B).

2.3  A notice of discontinuance (Form 23A), and a consent to discontinuance filed for the purposes of clause 23.01 (1) (c).

2.4  A defence to counterclaim (Form 27C).

2.5  A defence to crossclaim (Form 28B).

2.6  Form 29A (third party claim), including with respect to a fourth or subsequent party claim or claim by a defendant to a counterclaim or crossclaim.

2.7  Form 29B (third party defence), including with respect to a defence by a fourth or subsequent party.

2.8  A jury notice (Form 47A).

3.  An affidavit for the purposes of subrule 7.02 (2).

4.  A requisition or written statement under clause 5 (1) (a) of Ontario Regulation 53/01 (Bilingual Proceedings) made under the Courts of Justice Act.

5.  A consent filed for the purposes of paragraph 7 of subsection 126 (2) of the Courts of Justice Act.

5.1  A certificate of action under section 36 of the Construction Act (Form 14 under that Act).

6.  Any consent or court order required to be filed together with a document referred to in this subrule.

7.  Proof of service under rule 16.09 or in Form 17A, 17B or 17C of a document that is filed electronically under this subrule. O. Reg. 584/17, s. 3 (1-3); O. Reg. 456/19, s. 1 (1, 2).


(3) Subrule (2) does not apply unless the party filing the document through the Civil Claims Online Portal agrees to its terms of use, including providing an e-mail address at which he or she agrees to accept documents from the court electronically. O. Reg. 584/17, s. 3 (1).

The Court deserves praise for taking this step. Filing civil documents online is a big improvement, for all involved. Coupled with the new CaseLines program that we will soon all access, i can envision a day, soon, when all counsel and the Court, will be able to work off the ‘same’ documents on the lawsuit. #majorimprovement #technologycanhelp