Finally! Online filing of motion and trial materials!

A major initiative is coming to Ontario.

On July 29, 2020, the Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Justice announced that Ontario will be using a document management software (called, allowing lawyers to file motion / pre-trial and presumably trial documents electronically.

As well, there appears to be the means for quick, less formal communication between counsel and the Court re: scheduling issues.

This is a major, major improvement. The Court has largely been paper-based, up until this moment.

This cuts down the time / expense for lawyers to file their materials into Court.

This will allow Judges to stop ‘fighting paper’ and become that much more efficient, if the entire case / issue is available to them online. This will result in quicker decision-making.

Bravo, Ontario.

This is the notice as distributed by The Advocates’ Society.

Update as of Aug 6, 2020 – the Court has come out with more information on CaseLines, including the opening of the registration system to gain access to this system.